usagi's pattern old style iphone case

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usagi's pattern old style iphone case

usagi's pattern old style iphone case

Kids can draw or add stamp/sticker characters (kids, animals) to a variety of included backgrounds and themes. Afterward, you can save a snapshot of the drawing in your photo library or e-mail it to a relative. Kid Art (99 cents). Scott: Smule is one of my personal favorite iOS developers; its musical apps push the boundaries between game and musical instrument, and they are incredibly easy to pick up and play. Magic Piano was Smule's first iPad app, and it remains the best. The idea of a virtual touch piano isn't unique, but Magic Piano's selection of wacky stretching keyboards -- circular, spiral, even a freeform black canvas -- make for fun musical doodling. You can also play with other people in live duets, but for kids it's fun to let them play by themselves.

The iPhone version of Magic Piano is free, but the superior iPad version is far more finger-friendly, Magic Piano HD ($1.99), Joseph: I first discovered Monkey Preschool Lunchbox on my Android phone, usagi's pattern old style iphone case My son loved it, so I knew it was a no-brainer to get it for the iPad, The seven games have lessons about colors, letters, counting, sizes, shapes, differences, and matching, Plus, there's a cute monkey sidekick, music, and voice recordings, After a couple of rounds, kids are rewarded with a sticker that they place on a whiteboard, My son not only filled the board with stickers, but also left Daddy with a low battery..

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox (99 cents). Scott: A classic '70s-era children's book has been lovingly updated on the iPad in app form, thanks to this Sesame Street effort. Everything from the artwork to the font feels like a throwback, yet this app is full of animation and even interactive bits that feel fresh. Best of all, Grover's voice acting (he reads the whole book and guides kids through) is spot-on. Parents will love it for the trip back in time, and kids will love it because, heck, Grover's wearing a hard hat.

The Monster at the End of This Book (99 cents), Scott: My son loves to count, name colors, and identify dozens of dinosaurs, but he hasn't learned letters yet, As a fun experiment, I downloaded Intro to Letters for him to play with, Based on Montessori teaching methods, the app is simple: letters are pronounced by sound rather than spoken, and kids can trace their fingers around letters to make their shapes, The clean design captivated my son, and it made for a fun set usagi's pattern old style iphone case of flash cards, Occasionally, a gentle quiz challenges kids to identify letters in a lineup by the sounds they make..

Montessorium Intro to Letters ($4.99). Scott: Kids like dinosaurs. It's that simple. National Geographic's app is relatively expensive and takes up a good chunk of your iPad's flash memory, but the digital book has dozens of dinosaurs, lots of text, and a voice that will read to young ones. This app skews toward older kids, but at least it's an e-book that will grow with your child. One caveat: scenes of dinosaur violence may be something you want to review before sharing with your child. My kid loves it, but it's up to you to decide how you feel.

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