uag plyo iphone xr tough protective case - ash

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uag plyo iphone xr tough protective case - ash

uag plyo iphone xr tough protective case - ash uag plyo iphone xr tough protective case - ash uag plyo iphone xr tough protective case - ash uag plyo iphone xr tough protective case - ash uag plyo iphone xr tough protective case - ash

uag plyo iphone xr tough protective case - ash

Shortly after Android became a recognized term in the mobile space, we saw the platform arriving in various electronic devices including microwaves and washing machines. I don't think we'll find too much of that in 2013, but it would not surprise me to see a refrigerator or appliance with a custom touch interface that runs Android. Not a full-blown experience, mind you, but something that gives hardware-makers more flexibility. Of all the places Android has been absent, I'm surprised we don't have a new generation of Chumby or Teddy Ruxpin toys. I might be reaching here, but I can imagine a scenario where your companion toy educates children or plays interactive games with them. A front-facing camera that recognizes the child, a belly with a touch screen, or a Pillow Pet with interactive stories seem more real than fantasy today.

Considering that there are three different companies supplying the hardware for the Nexus line today, I would look for more of the same down the road, Google will likely share the love with new and returning companies uag plyo iphone xr tough protective case - ash in 2013 and consumers will come to know what Nexus means, The coming year may finally bring us a Google and Motorola Nexus product, As something that the industry has expected over the last year, Google has not ruled out such an animal, In fact, all the conversations I've read these past months seem to dance around the topic, With no outright denial of a Motorola Nexus device, I'm reminded of the old adage "where there's smoke there's fire." With that in mind, a smartphone seems more plausible than a tablet at this stage..

Whether we see one-off products like the Nexus Q in 2013 remains to be seen. I get the sense that Google like to test the waters and introduce real, working proof-of-concept devices just to gauge developer and consumer reactions. I won't rule out anything like this for next year however I might expect Google to downplay its significance or potential. Perhaps a "hey check this out, we think you'll like it" introduction is in order. Yet we'll see the real ecosystem-changing stuff at Google's annual developer conference, Google I/O, in May.

So far, indicators point to an Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, It's tough to forecast what will be in this coming release, but I definitely see more polish and attention to detail on the horizon, plus more camera and mapping tricks, Android's background OS will continue to gain speed, and the company will introduce new features that again pull away from iOS to set the industry pace, We don't know much about Android 5.0 quite yet, but we'll assuredly discover bits and pieces of upcoming features in the months just before Google I/O -- especially if Google releases a new Nexus device or two to go along with the latest uag plyo iphone xr tough protective case - ash software build..

2013 will certainly be an exciting year for Android, with the mobile OS surely maintaining its mobile lead. The Android ecosystem has become a dominant force in 2012. Here's how I see it growing in the coming year. Brace yourselves: 2013 is upon us, and that means a whole new generation of Android devices, rumors, and expectations. Android will have a strong showing at CES, and the next few months will be littered with new smartphones and tablets. Let's take a look at some of the trends we can expect in the Android space over the coming year.

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