the magic of the universe iphone case

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the magic of the universe iphone case

the magic of the universe iphone case

The SC-NE1, SC-NE3, and SC-NE5 systems break new ground for Panasonic's NE (Network Era) line of stereo systems, with "curved aero stream ports" that are said to improve airflow routing and stop "noise friction" from escaping. These models also offer the option to stream wireless music via DLNA, Bluetooth, or AirPlay in conjunction with Panasonic's Music Streaming app, a hub that pairs with various devices. Each of the NE series speakers comes with a small bamboo cone speaker that builds in a 3-inch stroke sub, paired with 1-inch tweeters for superior noise distribution.

All six speaker models will hit store shelves in March, but pricing has yet to be announced, Bone-conducting headphones Thinking about anyone who wants to listen to quality tunes while in motion, Panasonic unveiled its RP-BTGS10 wireless headphones, which take a unique approach to delivering audio: sending it via your cheekbones, The set rests on top of a user's head and reaches down to the front of the ear canal, leaving the ears free to hear ambient noise, The headphones rely on Bluetooth for access to audio the magic of the universe iphone case from smartphones and other devices.The Panasonic RP-BTGS10 will be available in several colors this fall, but no price has been announced..

A Bluetooth speaker for tablets Panasonic's new SC-NP10 Bluetooth speaker was built with devices like iPads and movie-watching in mind, though it does work with other devices. It features "Near Field Stereo Sound," which is designed to make audio sound good no matter how close you are to the speaker. Its Bluetooth Re-Master feature is meant to bring back frequencies lost by Bluetooth transmission. And it has a 3.13-inch subwoofer. The speaker should hit the market in April, but no price has been announced.

In a lightning-quick press conference today, Panasonic unveiled its 2013 lineup of new high- and midrange TVs, home audio speakers, Blu-ray players, and even bone-conducting headphones, LAS VEGAS--It was short and sweet, and if you blinked, you might have missed it, We're talking about Panasonic's press conference at CES today, The star of the show, unsurprisingly, was Panasonic's 2013 line of Viera TVs, But the consumer electronics giant also showed off a range of other new products, from midrange LCD TVs, to new Blu-ray players, to Bluetooth speakers, to a range of micro home stereos, and the magic of the universe iphone case finally a set of bone-conducting headphones..

- Computer chip maker Nvidia announced that it's getting into the hardware business and making its own quad-core portable gaming console. - Fitbit unveiled the Flex, a fitness-tracking wristband that will compete with the Nike FuelBand and Jawbone Up. - Garmin wants to go beyond the GPS and build an entire car dashboard. It's showing off the K2 infotainment platform. - Car makers are pushing more apps into cars. Ford is letting drivers share their destinations and routes with friends with the Glympse app on Sync AppLink. Chevy is adding the TuneIn internet radio app to give drivers access to 70,000 global radio stations.

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