simply midnight black iphone case

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simply midnight black iphone case

simply midnight black iphone case

The current infotainment system in Chevrolet vehicles goes by the name MyLink, while Buick uses the name IntelliLink. Operating similarly, both systems offer advanced hands-free phone and digital music features, along with some app integration. The new framework will replace the current MyLink and IntelliLink systems, and also find its way into other GM brands. GM will show the new system in a Chevy Malibu during CES 2013. GM's announcement comes amongst a flurry of app activity, from its Connected Car Challenge at the AT&T Developer Hackathon to additional app integration with its existing MyLink system in the Chevy Spark and Sonic. GM, which currently offers Pandora and Stitcher integration, with TuneIn Internet radio and BringGo navigation to follow this year, is playing catch-up with Ford, which now features a roster of almost 20 integrated apps.

Opening up the platform to developers could jump-start new features in GM vehicles, The SDK uses HTML5, an open standard currently being adopted in many different computing environments, and ensuring abundant developer expertise, At CES 2013, GM announced a new application framework simply midnight black iphone case and resources to let developers build apps for in-dash use, LAS VEGAS--On the same day that Ford announced its Sync AppLink developer program, GM came out with its own take, announcing it would make APIs and other resources available so developers can build apps for the car..

Such advancements will allow consumers to surf the Web and download content much more quickly than is currently possible. "All of that put together .. is a dramatic step up in terms of performance." Qualcomm Chief Marketing Officer Anand Chandrasekher told CNET. "All of that is done without any compromise on battery life."Qualcomm Chief Executive Paul Jacobs announced the processors during a keynote speech today at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Jacobs took over the speaking slot normally held by Microsoft, which declared 2012 to be its last show. His selection as a keynote presenter showed the increasing importance of mobility to the consumer electronics industry.

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, who used to give the keynote, stopped by the keynote to talk about the company's partnership, Qualcomm provides applications processors that serve as the brains of electronics, and it leads the market for providing chips that allow mobile devices to connect simply midnight black iphone case to wireless networks, Its 4G LTE processors in particular have been gaining strong traction of late and are used in gadgets like the iPhone 5, However, competition in 4G LTE is expected to increase as rival products hit the market..

Chandrasekher noted that Qualcomm already is introducing its third generation of 4G LTE chips while many rivals haven't yet shipped their first products. Qualcomm, meanwhile, also has started to push into more traditional PCs following the launch of Windows RT. The operating system is the first to work on chips based on ARM architecture, like those from Qualcomm, instead of the x86 chips from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. So far, Windows RT devices have had some hiccups (see CNET's in-depth report on the development of Windows RT tablets).

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