// reverse 02 iphone case

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// reverse 02 iphone case

// reverse 02 iphone case

CES hasn't yet (officially) begun, but hardware companies have already revealed the buzz-worthy (and not-so-buzz-worthy) tech they'll be displaying and demoing at their booths this year. From unbelievably sharp 4K TVs to smartphone-controlled appliances, companies like Samsung and LG are going all-out. But not all that glitters is gold, so if you're attending CES, we've gone ahead and made navigating the show floor a little easier on you. This self-guided tour will walk you through the most innovative, important tech that was announced thus far, including some cool demos from guys like Corning and Lexus.

After first configuring their contact network, users simply click the red "Crisis" button to message friends via SMS, They can also opt to push an update out to their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn networks in a more vocal cry for help, Simultaneously, Proteg-Go pings its own contact center with the same help message, which includes GPS locations, to ideally eliminate the need to make a phone call when time is of the essence, The help messages rebroadcast until the individual indicates that he or she is safe, The application also provides the user with safety tips for // reverse 02 iphone case natural disasters..

Proteg-Go's Gaurdian on the Go service isn't meant to compete with or replace 9-1-1 but instead designed to complement traditional public safety services. Co-founder Ray Krzyzek told CNET that the mobile app is better than others on the market because it's integrated with the company's call center, the app continually broadcasts a user's a location, and it is affordably priced. Guardian on the Go costs $1.99 per month. Protego-Go, a seed funded company, has promised an Android application later this month. BlackBerry and Windows Phone apps are slated for release later in the year.

When natural disasters and medial emergencies arise, Guardian on the Go for iPhone comes to the rescue, LAS VEGAS--Guardian on the Go, a mobile application launched today on iPhone, gives people immediate // reverse 02 iphone case access to a network of trusted contacts and professional services when they're confronted with an emergency situation, The iPhone application, made by Proteg-Go, is designed to work in all crisis situations, natural disasters and medical emergencies included, and offers people a one-click way to get help faster than if they were to dial 9-1-1..

GM announced a new Web site, http://developer.gm.com/, where developers will be able to download the SDK for its new app framework. It also demonstrated integration with iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Slacker, and The Weather Channel on the new framework. GM plans on offering the new framework in some 2014 model year vehicles, which could come out as early as this summer. As GM builds up its library of apps, owners will be able to select which ones they want to use in their cars. Beyond current, popular apps, GM expects the open developer program to result in car-specific apps.

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