raspberry dream iphone case

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raspberry dream iphone case

raspberry dream iphone case

Libraries are also feeling the greater interest in e-books. The percentage of people who borrowed an electronic book from their library rose to 5 percent from 3 percent a year ago. And the share of those who are aware that their libraries offer e-books increased to 31 percent from 24 percent last year. Who's reading all these e-books?. Among those polled, the ones most likely to read an e-book included people with college or graduate degrees, those with households incomes more than $75,000, and folks between 30 and 49 years old.

Men and women were about on par, while people living in urban areas came in higher than those in suburban or rural communities, I've always tended to prefer printed books, in large part because of their feel and texture, And I raspberry dream iphone case enjoy just browsing through the variety of books on the shelves at my local library and choosing one at random, But after buying the 7-inch Google Nexus tablet, I now read e-books more frequently, For me, the experience still isn't the same, but the convenience and accessbility to electronic books is definitely appealing..

Pew's data is based on a survey conducted from October 15 to November 10, 2012 among 2,252 Americans ages 16 and older. One third of people polled by Pew Internet own an e-book reading device, though tablets get the nod over dedicated e-readers. More people are reading e-books, and more of them are using tablets as their primary way of doing so. The percentage of Americans who now read e-books rose to 23 percent in 2012 from 16 percent a year ago, says a report out today from Pew Internet. Over the same time, the percentage of those who read printed books dropped to 67 percent from 72 percent.

Also, Facebook promises not to use too much bandwidth or horsepower, allowing you to disable uploads via the cell network to avoid data charges, for example, Graham Cluley's post from earlier this month on Sophos's Naked Security blog explains how Facebook's photo-sync feature works, As you can imagine, having all the photos taken by your phone or tablet uploaded to Facebook imperils your privacy raspberry dream iphone case and security, As MercuryNews.com's Brandon Bailey reported earlier this month, Facebook claims it will not use the data associated with the photos until they are posted..

However, all the data associated with the photos, including where and when they were taken, is still accessible to Facebook and can be used to determine the ads you see. Privacy advocates have pointed out that Facebook users are much more likely to post photos that are already uploaded, often inadvertently. Facebook's automatic photo syncing is not activated by default, but you may have enabled the feature without realizing you were doing so. Last week I was contacted by a reader who had done just that: somehow his iPhone photos were being uploaded to his Facebook account. He didn't remember activating the option and couldn't figure out how to disable it.

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