pink and grey gradient cubes iphone case

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pink and grey gradient cubes iphone case

pink and grey gradient cubes iphone case

Dual-core processors should become the norm for your "basic" Android phone as single-core stuff gets pushed aside. The same may be said of the no-contract handsets, as we'll continually get more for our money. As every carrier scrambles to build out its next-gen data network, 4G LTE will be commonplace in Android smartphones. Sure, we'll get the occasional 3G product every once in a while, but that will diminish with time. This is not to say that 2013 will be the end of 3G Android, but the days of touting 4G LTE as a special feature will pass.

NFC will continue to gain a foothold in Android products, maybe to the point of standardization, More companies will push it out in the mobile payment space and general pink and grey gradient cubes iphone case consumers will become aware of its capabilities, I get the feeling that we'll see a new surge in NFC-enabled accessories and technologies in the coming wave of tech conferences, The idea of tap-to-play speakers or media players doesn't seem like much of a stretch for this year's biggest mobile conferences, CES in January and Mobile World Congress in late February..

Perhaps the biggest issue facing smartphones with large displays and super-fast processors is battery life. Nobody wants to put their phone away to preserve juice; we bought that big screen for a reason. Looking ahead to the new year, I expect to see more handsets come with internal and/or higher capacity batteries. The Droid Razr Maxx HD is still the benchmark for long-lasting batteries, but we should see the gap narrow. To that end, we may see less emphasis on "world's thinnest" or "lightest" claims.

As far as other companies going this route, HTC today seems to be the closest, I wouldn't be surprised if its next flagship model were to hit multiple carriers with a single design, As nice as it was to have fewer models to choose from in the One series, it was still confusing to keep up with the various suffixes -- One X, One X+, Evo 4G LTE, "Does my carrier offer that one? What's the pink and grey gradient cubes iphone case difference between this and that?" Along those lines, LG also seems to be slowly headed in this direction with the Optimus line..

Nikon, Polaroid, and other camera-makers will dabble a bit with Android backbones and we'll see more smarter shooters in 2013. Pricing will need to come down for mass adoption; however, we will see carriers selling connected cameras in retail stores and online. We will also see more kid-centric tablets and devices with Android under the hood in the next year. We might as well get used to the fact that Toys R Us and Walmart are going to offer $99 Android tablets. Once the price point of a generic, knock-off tablet, the $100-$200 price range now offers a decent experience for most. Come this time next year, it will not be strange to see a house with even more Android tablets for a range of age groups. Expect more products like the Nabi Jr (toddlers) and Nabi XD (tweens.).

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