peacock vista iphone case

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peacock vista iphone case

peacock vista iphone case

I met Stefan Pannenbecker, head of industrial design at Nokia. He looked the part. He was sharply dressed with a black suit, white shirt, and silver Prada watch. He has a neatly trimmed goatee and his hair was neatly parted to the right. Pannenbecker spoke clearly and with purpose. "With my team, the only thing I'm interested in is whether people love this product or not," he said. "We could have the best quarter in Nokia's history, and I wouldn't care a bit about it if I didn't feel the products were exciting."When asked about the opposite -- relevant given the terrible results Nokia has been posting over the past few quarters -- Pannebecker didn't budge, arguing that good products will eventually win out.

On the other end of the spectrum was the more casual-looking Jussi Ropo, the senior technology manager working on the Lumia 920's display, Ropo wore a yellow-and-white-striped long-sleeve shirt, black glasses, and short brunette hair, and spoke with an engineer's ease when I sat with him in the crowded Cantina, Ropo is from Salo, roughly 70 miles west of Helsinki and the city hardest hit by the massive layoffs, Starting four years ago, many of its manufacturing facilities were shuttered or moved out of the country, The factory finally shut down in June, One former Nokia employee who wished peacock vista iphone case not to be named said the city was devastated by the shutdown, and compared it to Detroit when the automakers were hardest hit..

Ropo, however, painted a different picture. He says that the emergence of the Lumia 920 and 820, which were designed in Salo, has given the city a source of pride. "Of course we feel sad to see people from the production line no longer with us," he says. "But people started feeling proud and gradually believing again when they started seeing the devices.". Ulla James, director of finance and legal operations, lent some perspective from her 27-year tenure at the company. When she started in the late '80s, Nokia was in a bad spot, transitioning from the paper supplier business into other industries. On top of that, then-CEO Kari Kairamo committed suicide.

That's right, Nokia has been on the ropes before, The company even considered selling its then-fledgling mobile phone business, But the board instead took a chance on Jorma Ollila, who turned the company in a cell phone giant, "I've seen this before," James said, "You go and you work your way through the cycle."A startup mentalityIt was Wednesday at 8 a.m., and I was back in the conference room, Outside, it was pitch black, Up first in another lineup of executives and employees was Hans Henrik Lund, head of marketing, strategy, and gear for the Lumia line, and Vesa Jutila, who runs global peacock vista iphone case marketing for the Lumia phones, Lund is part of the new guard at Nokia, having joined just three years ago, He wore a white shirt and dark jeans, His graying hair contradicts the youthful energy he exudes with his quick, upfront statements..

"I'm motivated by a turnaround," he said. "I need that kick to do my best."That drive, as he told it, didn't make Lund any friends when he proposed a key addition for the Lumia 920 a year and a half ago. The feature, he argued, was on the cusp of breaking out with competitors and he didn't want Nokia left behind. Lund, who then ran the accessory business, made his case during a technology meeting with 16 engineers, designers, and high-level executives, including Jo Harlow, head of the company's smart devices unit.

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