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nah iphone case

nah iphone case

The mystery tablet has been benchmarked over at GLBenchmark. It goes by the product code GT-N5100, and was previously spotted at the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance, a trade body that makes sure products play nice with each other). So what of the new Note? Well the tablet -- which I'd wager would be called the Galaxy Note 7.7, going on past naming conventions -- has a screen resolution of 1,280x800-pixels. If the screen is indeed 7.7-inches across, that'd give it a pixels per inch count of 196. Which isn't Retina display territory, but isn't too shabby.

Inside is a quad-core 1.6GHz processor, and it'll run Android 4.1.2, which will nah iphone case be replaced by Android 4.2 when the device launches, Which is good news for fans of Jelly Bean, I think we can expect an announcement at CES in January, or at the latest, Mobile World Congress at the end of February, Samsung has launched an all-out assault on the sizes, with devices ranging from the original 5.3-inch Galaxy Note up to the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1, Many (myself included) thought this would be way too confusing for consumers, but it seems to be working, Of course Samsung is a very well-known brand thanks to its handsets flying off the shelves, which must help drive sales of its tablets, Its Galaxy S3 has shipped 30 million units, after all..

In fact, Samsung recently overtook Nokia to be the world's biggest mobile maker. So it'll be fun to see what it can bring to the table in 2013. Would you buy a 7.7-inch Galaxy Note? Or has Samsung overdone it on the size front? Will a bigger Note cannibalise sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab? Let me know what you think in the comments below, or on our Facebook page. What's rumoured to be a new Galaxy Note has just been benchmarked, and it looks like it has a 7.7-inch screen. Just when you thought Samsung couldn't launch another size of tablet, along comes news of a 7.7-inch Galaxy Note.

The tablet will be paired up with a special keyboard cover that will have its nah iphone case own battery, allowing it to run as an auxiliary power supply, The keyboard cover will also come with a kickstand for the tablet, and will envelop the device like a book, according to the report, The tablet will have HDMI and USB ports, a cellular connection, and boasts a 10.1-inch display like the Microsoft Surface, AT&T will reportedly be the first carrier partner to sell the device, CNET contacted Nokia for comment, and we'll update the story when we get a response, AT&T declined to comment on the story..

A tablet would mark a significant expansion for Nokia, which has pared down many of its side projects and focused largely on its core smartphone business and the development of its Windows Phone-powered Lumia product line. The company has seen its market share in the business tumble as it works to turn itself around. Windows RT, a stripped down version of Windows 8 capable of utilizing more power efficient chips used in other smartphones and tablets, hasn't shown itself to be all that popular with consumers. Surface has been the most notable product to use that version of Microsoft's new operating system, but it likewise has seen limited demand.

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