meleovo iphone xs carbon premium leather case - black / blue reviews

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meleovo iphone xs carbon premium leather case - black / blue reviews

meleovo iphone xs carbon premium leather case - black / blue reviews

Here's an example. According to web video tracker Visible Measures, it was the most popular tech advert of the year. The war between Google and Apple has been pretty fierce, with the late Steve Jobs declaring Android a stolen product. He vowed to "go thermonuclear" over it. So Google may well want to run more combative adverts. You might say it's already got the ball rolling: Motorola was quick to mock Apple's Maps debacle, with an advert showing how much better Google Maps is. Of course Motorola isn't alone in taking aim at Apple. Samsung is no stranger to it, with one recent spot using the slogan "it doesn't take a genius" (a reference to Apple's Genius Bar in its stores) alongside a spec showdown of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.

Wallace joined Samsung a year ago, Previously he was at RIM for over a decade, though I don't think he was responsible for its recent "Wake Up" campaign, At least, I hope not, What do you think of tech companies slating each other in their adverts? A bit of meleovo iphone xs carbon premium leather case - black / blue reviews harmless fun, or needless negativity? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page, And please, keep it friendly, We could see more combative adverts from Google and Motorola, if its latest hire is anything to go by, Google could be about to fall out with Samsung, Yesterday we reported that the big G is tasking Motorola (which it owns) with making its next flagship devices, instead of trusting Samsung or LG, Well now comes word Google has poached one of Samsung's key marketing executives as well, Talk about twisting the knife..

Richard Yu, the man in charge of devices for the Chinese manufacturer, whipped out the mobile at a store in China a full two weeks ahead of the official unveiling at CES. Let's hope combat trousers come back in fashion so we can fit these massive mobiles in our pockets. Not only is the screen a ridiculous 6.1-inches (that's almost as big as an iPad mini), it's also 1080p, which is the same resolution as an HD TV. Inside there's plenty of power too, with a crazy 1.8GHz quad-core processor that'll make the HTC One X+ look Fisher Price in comparison. And the mobile manages to be just 9.9mm thick, which is just a couple of millimetres fatter than an iPhone 5.

Here's a video of the device in action, Appropriately enough, it's showing the film Titanic, A Chinese price was given for the handset, and it translates to meleovo iphone xs carbon premium leather case - black / blue reviews about £300, There's no word on whether the device will hit these shores, but let's hope so, We should see a host of mobiles next year with 1080p screens, though this is the biggest so far, The HTC Butterfly should flutter its way to the UK, along with devices from LG and Samsung, Sony is also readying a 5-inch 1080p device, known as the Xperia Z, You may have seen leaks previously under its codename of the Sony Yuga..

Is 6.1-inches too big for a mobile? Or do you think it makes sense, seeing as we mostly use our handsets for surfing and watching videos nowadays? Let me know what you reckon in the comments, or on Facebook. Image credit: fengse (from Sina Weibo). Huawei has given a sneak peak of its 6.1-inch, 1080p Ascend Mate handset, set for official unveiling at CES in January. CES used to be a contest to see which company had the biggest telly. Now it looks like it's turning into who has the biggest phone. And Huawei is in the lead, with a monster 6.1-inch effort in the shape of the Ascend Mate, Engadget reports.

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