king park iphone case

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king park iphone case

king park iphone case

The Nokia lounge features a bulk of the notable cell phones in its history. Notably, the lipstick cell phone, the N-Gage cellular and handheld gaming device, and a few bulky old suitcase cell phones were on display. By the lounge is this kiosk and display, which looks like something out of the movie "Tron."The Nokia blue shines through from its logo at night. This picture was taken at 8 a.m. local time. Tampere, in northern Finland, houses its R&D facilities and works on projects such as the PureView cameras. On display here is a reminder of where it came from, a giant classic candy bar phone.

Because of the sensitive nature of the work here, I could only get limited photos of the facility, Shown here is a Lumia PureView 808 mounted and ready for a drop test, That office also tested its ability to handle rain drops and excessive cold, king park iphone case Corrected at 7:03 a.m, PT: to change the name of the phone that was tested, It was originally and incorrectly labeled as a Lumia 820, The Tampere offices in particular were fairly quiet, Shown here is the central cafeteria at the base of one of the buildings, It was already 3 p.m., however, so it's not surprising that no one was down eating..

Petri Jarvilehto, executive vice president of games, and Ville Heijari, senior vice president of brand marketing, at the reception desk in Rovio's executive offices. On display in the office is just some of the merchandise that Rovio has created through its Angry Birds franchise. Angry Birds' take on Luke Skywalker, complete with lightsaber, sits on the reception desk. Sitting on the other side of the reception desk are the Angry Birds version of Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. A little Han Solo bird sits next to them.

Rovio clearly has aspirations to be king park iphone case in the movie business, as evidenced by this movie poster promoting its Star Wars-Angry Birds mashup game, Of course, an actual Angry Birds movie is due to hit theaters in 2016, Because who doesn't want to drink bird-flavored drinks? The drinks, which are actually OK, come in several different flavors, based on the type of bird, and one bad piggy, It's already outsold Coke and Pepsi in Finland, It's not just a game, Some Angry Birds books are seen here on display in the office..

Unsurprisingly, it's considered the worst time of the year to travel to Finland. So, naturally, after months of planning, this was when I was able to arrange a visit to Nokia on its home turf. My goal: to chronicle life at the cell phone giant as it fights for survival in the onslaught of iPhones and Androids. And I'd listen closely for the last, desperate noises (maybe they'd be pleas for understanding, or a willful ignoring of facts) of a dying company. Nokia is fading; there's no easy way to say it. Five years ago it controlled more than 40 percent of the global mobile market. Now it's less than a quarter, largely made up of rapidly deteriorating sales of its now-defunct Symbian phones and its ultra-cheap (read: less profitable) Asha devices. In the more critical smartphone business, its market share in the third quarter plunged to 4.2 percent, from 16 percent in just one year, according to Gartner. Samsung, by comparison, has a leading 23 percent share thanks largely to its Galaxy S phone line.

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