iphone screen protector test

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iphone screen protector test

Hitcase is trying hard to replace the need for a GoPro for action sports nuts who love to film mountain biking, downhill skiing, and other outdoor activities with a high probability of wiping out. Instead of treating your iPhone like a delicate flower, you can take it along to record the fun. The case opens up like a book, so it's easy in and easy out. The idea is you don't leave this on your phone all the time, just when you need it. Hitcase just recently started shipping. The case comes in two flavors, a standard version for $90 and a Pro version with a glass lens that doubles the field of vision for $130. Each case comes with a selection of mounts. The mounts are GoPro-compatible in case you want to use them with a GoPro camera.

The tough, waterproof Hitcase presses your iPhone into service as an action sports camera, iphone screen protector test The creators have also managed to design a comfortable chest mount for it, When I first saw a photo of Hitcase's new chest mount for its ruggedized iPhone case system, I thought to myself, "Hmm, I wonder how that fits on a woman." I had to go find out for myself, Let's backtrack before we get to the try-on stage, Hitcase has splashed down into the category of tough cases for the iPhone, It's a bit chunky and a bit heavy, but it does the job, Unlike the water-resistant and waterproof-for-a-few-inches cases, it can go for a serious dive of up to 33 feet under the blue..

Samsung's Galaxy S franchise, however, proved to the industry that exclusivity may not be all it's cracked up to be. From the start, Samsung launched its Galaxy S smartphones across major carriers, making it as broadly available as possible. While the initial start was modest, Samsung proved that enough marketing heft and some decent products will do more for the long-term benefit of that line than a one-off exclusive. Adib, however, wouldn't say all the exclusive deals were going away. Sprint, for instance, still counts its Evo line as an important part of its portfolio, and the carrier will likely continue on with another phone in that family.

Sullivan said by taking phones that are made for a global market, it allows the handset manufacturer to focus on fewer devices, ultimately serving up better products, The setup leaves Sprint to set itself apart through its own services, The company today announced Entertain ME, a service in iphone screen protector test its Sprint Zone application that helps users search for music, TV shows, and movies found in different apps on the device, acting as a one-stop shop for media on the device, The days when that hot smartphone is only available on some other carrier may soon be over..

You can edit a photo by either snapping a shot with the app or selecting a photo from your Camera Roll or a handful of online sources (which we'll get to in a minute). When you snap or select a photo to edit, you'll see five edit buttons along the bottom: Tools, Effects, Draw, Masks, and Add. The Tools button lets you adjust the colors (brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue) of the image along with providing rotate, crop, and resize tools. The Effects button offers dozens of filters organized into five categories. For many of the filters, you can use sliders to tweak the effect. Also, more Effects are available via the Shop button on the home screen, and all of the filter packs in the shop when I visited were free. The Draw and Mask buttons both offer impressive control, while the Add button lets you add clipart, borders, and text.

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