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iphone case vendors

There are similar products out there. A short walk away, the SEaLABox was being offered. And after returning from the show floor, some searching came up with AquaPac, which has similar looking pouches. A Wired review of waterproof case also led me to Ecases from Cascade Designs. I especially like the iSeries with a waterproof headphone jack. That might let me hook a cheap pair of headphones up to my iPhone or iPod, so I can listen to tunes while paddling away. Mind over matterOf course, I might never drop my phone at all if I could develop telekinetic powers. That's not so science fiction, any longer. There are a number of devices out there where using your mind, you can move matter -- or at least transmit signals to electronics that will then move themselves.

NeuroSky, which provides EEG sensor technology to enable mind-over-matter devices, had a booth with products from a variety of partners, including The Force Trainer, to help young Jedis (and hopefully not young Siths) develop their powers, But it was the Puzzlebox Brain Controlled Helicopter that was the star attraction, First there was a remote control helicopter craze, Then there was the Parrot smartphone controlled helicopter, This is 2013, If you're going to fly, you fly with your mind, Steve Castellotti, CTO of Puzzlebox, let me have a go, You iphone case vendors have to concentrate on something, anything, and the more you stay focused on that task, the more the helicopter will stay airborne, It automatically tries to hover in the same place, so you're not trying to fly it around the room, You're just trying to keep it aloft..

For the record, singing the lyrics to Katy Perry's California Gurls in my head worked pretty well, but repeating the spelling of antidisestablishmentarianism over and over worked the best. I'm glad memorizing the spelling of that word back in fifth grade finally paid off. I've Fallen & I Can't Get Up 2.0Many people have seen the classic "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials, where an elderly woman summons help through a pendant that lets her call a monitoring and assistance service. Well, the next generation of assistance services are here, where technology will know if you've fallen and get help without you even asking.

But if you're like me and have avoided the Fitbit craze, look out, Booth after booth at CES seemed to be offering some type of activity tracker, One that stood out was from Withings, the company that makes the wireless scale that I keep thinking is overkill, It will be releasing its Smart Activity Tracker, And you know that scale, iphone case vendors sending data to my smartphone? Suddenly, that's looking pretty cool, Fitbit itself has a new band-based tracker called the Fitbit Flex that's coming, What really caught my eye were the ibitz "family fitness keys" from GeoPalz, How could they not, Look at those colors..

The versions for kids link to a game on their smartphone. They need to stay fit to keep their virtual characters fit. Kind of smart. For adults, there's more traditional tracking, plus options for monitoring your kids. Ready to buy? Well, you can't. You can pre-order, and if enough people do, then the device will actually ship. So far, practically no one has ordered. Well, it was just announced. The product looks pretty cool; I hope it makes it. Sports cameras everywhere!Years ago, I got a Contour video camera that attached to my goggles, letting me film while I'm snowboarding. It drew looks, because there were so few people who had ruggedized cameras like that.

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