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iphone case store

These days, we're well into the GoPro generation, it seems. With an array of devices to attach GoPro cameras to virtually any type of sporting equipment, GoPro seems to have become the standard in the space. Or at least my kids sure feel that way. For them and their friends, GoPro is cool. And I certainly do see GoPros far more than any other camera on the slopes. If GoPro is king, perhaps this is the year where the rabble has turned out to try and unseat it. This year at CES, it seemed as if I was running into a GoPro competitor around every aisle.

And 170 degrees field of vision is so 2012, For 2013, it's all about the 360, or iphone case store so the people at Geonaute would hope you believe, They've got a Geonaute 360 sports camera that shoots from all directions, so if you ever wanted to pretend you were a Google StreetView car, check it out, Price? Release date? Sadly, the Geonaute site is lacking this, But maybe after CES, they'll provide some updates, But who wants yet another camera sticking up off their helmet? The folks at Liquid Image have cameras built right into goggles..

Mmm. But then again, the folks at iON have a barrel-like format that reminds me of my old Contour, which I loved in how it could tuck it away against my googles, rather than stick off my helmet. I actually didn't see these on the CES show floor but rather at the Pepcon Digital Experience event on Monday. Alas, there's no yet a way to attach them to your goggles, but I'm told that's coming. Of course, maybe you'd prefer a Vivitar action camera. Or a Polaroid one. Or this GoPro clone. Well, if you really want that one, sorry -- I didn't stop long enough to catch the maker's name, and I can't find anything about it on the web. I mainly took it as yet another example of how action cameras were everywhere. I half-expected to find a "My Little Pony" action cam. Actually, it's probably out there, if I look hard enough.

Seeing all of these, iphone case store I kept wondering if they'd eventually go the way of the dodo, when someone comes up with a way to make our smartphones do the same job, Turns out, Hitcase has a product at CES aiming to do that, I didn't see it, but CNET writer Amanda Kooser did and has a review, And yes, GoPro was at the show with a big booth and cameras looking as compelling as ever, It even survived the CNET torture test of dunking it in liquid nitrogen, 3D Printing, movie posters as the new QR codes and moreBut wait, there's more! Like the MakerBot booth being overrun by those curious to see some of its 3D printing creations..

Cynicism aside, the app was pretty amazing in that when you pointed the phone with the app open at the Star Trek movie poster, it registered the poster within seconds of pushing the scan button, adding points to your app. It was like scanning a QR code, only the entire poster was the QR code -- and a pretty one. Maybe this app will turn out to be fun. You can sign up here to be notified when it's available. Of course, app or not, I'm going to the next Star Trek movie. Who wouldn't?. Meanwhile, candy anyone?.

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