goat baby g097 iphone case

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goat baby g097 iphone case

goat baby g097 iphone case

Those temperature-increasing conditions are obvious, but there are a couple other culprits that may surprise you. Apple explains that simply using GPS-dependent apps and playing games (what?!) can cause your iPhone to shut down. It's frustrating, but just like a computer, phones heat up when they're in use. And, while the iPhone is connected to a power source, it becomes more and more overwhelmed with every running feature. At some point, the phone just needs a few minutes to take a breather and cool itself down again.

Which raises the question: If Apple is so aware of this issue, why hasn't it been fixed?, Based on a recent patent, it looks like maybe the company is working on a solution, Besides, the more robust its hardware becomes in the future, the greater the need to efficiently cool it down, But my gosh, Meghan, your solution is really intense, I goat baby g097 iphone case can tell you've been thinking about it for some time, though, since it's a complex (albeit logical) solution to your problem, Before you start rigging this thing, first consider these practical solutions to your issue of overheating..

Disable all but the necessary location services. When combined with an active car adapter, GPS takes the crown as the greatest temperature offender. So, head on over to the location settings on your phone and disable any location services you don't absolutely need for the journey. Better yet, don't use turn-by-turn directions (which constantly ping GPS for up-to-the-second location). The ideal situation here would be for you to simply generate the driving directions and save them for offline use. Or, if you are traveling with others, ask a passenger to force close Maps when you know you'll be cruising on a long stretch of road.

Get a new car adapter, If you purchased a third-party car adapter, there's a chance it could be outputting too much power, causing your iPhone to overheat, If you're using an Apple-approved adapter, or are absolutely certain this is not the problem, consider removing the charger from the iPhone from time to time, Many users have reported that just having the iPhone connected to the car charger warms it up, Do the obvious, Considering you've already gone to great lengths to come up with a solution, I have a feeling you already thought of these no-brainers, goat baby g097 iphone case But, just in case..

Put all of these best practices to use and I bet you'll see a significant decrease in your iPhone's temperature. But, if you're like, "Sharon, come on. I've tried all of these things," I strongly urge you to go to the Genius Bar and see if they'll replace your phone. Overheating can be caused by the hardware itself, especially a faulty battery or a micro-SIM that's been nudged out of place. Assuming you're under warranty, and you explain that you've tried everything, there's a good chance they'll replace your device.

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