feminist iphone case

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feminist iphone case

feminist iphone case

The problem is there's a rash of 5-inch, 1080p, quad-core Android phones floating around in yet-to-be-announced limbo. The HTC Butterfly and the new Sharp Aquos phone (unlikely to come to the UK) are both confirmed 5-inch Full HD-ers. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is strongly tipped to pack the same heat. They'll all have quad-core chips and handle 4G data too, I have no doubt. So with all the major Android phone makers apparently conforming to this new screen standard, what's going to set them apart? A bit of detail in the design, sure, and the chip performance and Android bloatware customisations. Some might have expandable memory, some not.

This might not seem like the most exciting circumstances for gadget fans, but I think it could be a real boon, I left out one difference between these phones, and it's the most important: the price, If these phones are all much of a muchness, one of them might try to grab market share by being feminist iphone case significantly cheaper, Look at how popular the Nexus 4 has been -- top-notch core specs; low, low price, It's also a great advantage to Android app developers, especially games makers, If they know a huge chunk of their target market is using phones with the same chip and the same screen, they'll be able to spend more time making a great app and less time optimising it for each device..

This is all just speculation of course, so take it with a large pinch of salt. We'll know much more after the huge CES tech show in January, when some of these hi-def monsters will probably show their huge faces. I, for one, welcome our new 5-inch 1080p overlords. But what about you? Are you after something a little smaller? Or a touch more distinctive? Start the resistance in the comments below, or acquiesce meekly on our Full HD Facebook page. Image credit: Mobile Review. The Sony Yuga couldn't be more leaked, but after a rash of 5-inch Full HD phones on the rumour mill, it doesn't seem quite so exciting.

Foss Patents legal feminist iphone case consultant Florian Mueller noted that Samsung never actually mentioned lawsuit in the statement, and that the company is still suing for compensation, Samsung has confirmed that it is still pursuing compensation, Samsung had alleged that Apple had violated the use of its patents, which are considered essential to wireless technology, Apple contended that Samsung didn't license the patents out fairly, which the company is supposed to do under the principle of FRAND -- that is, on a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory basis..

The European Commission was looking into whether Samsung had broken European Union laws in regards to how it licenses its essential patents, which are patents that the industry has agreed are necessary to build even basic products. Samsung said it was better to compete in the marketplace than in the courtroom, and said it would withdraw its requests for an injunction on Apple's products. The lawsuits are part of a bigger battle between Apple and Samsung over intellectual property. The companies have sued each other in various courts around the world, with mixed results. Apple, notably, has won a significant case in the U.S., although another unrelated case is still set to be heard in 2014.

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