fashion hipster llama with glasses iphone case

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fashion hipster llama with glasses iphone case

fashion hipster llama with glasses iphone case

Dish focused its press event on a new, faster version of its Hopper DVR that comes integrated with a Slingbox. Called the Hopper with Sling, the device comes with a 1,305MHz Broadcom processor, Wi-Fi, and a feature called Hopper Transfers that allows you to transfer recorded programming to your iPad for viewing on the go without an Internet connection. GadgetsAnd of course, since it's CES, we've seen an awful lot of gadgets. Globaltrac showed off a clever solution for lost luggage. The Sennheiser Momentum headphones are good enough that David Carnoy called them the best headphones he's seen so far at CES. Panasonic brought a pair of bone-conduction headphones that take tunes straight to your dome.

The device-to-device power transfer works simply by placing two Qi-enabled devices back-to-back, fashion hipster llama with glasses iphone case as showcased in the video below, Developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, Qi is the international standard for wireless power transfer, Fulton's latest technology turns these devices into units capable of acting as both power transmitters and receivers, Fulton's technology may have all of us with constant device-charging needs frothing at the mouth, but we'll have to wait to get our hands on the super-handy power transport tech, The company is simply demonstrating the technology at CES, which means consumers will have to keep using power cords until OEMs license the two-way wireless tech and build it into their smart devices, Here's hoping that day comes soon..

Regular wireless charging is so 2012. Fulton Innovation boggles the mind with device-to-device power transfer. Imagine charging your cell phone with your tablet or vice versa, no cables or cords required. This futuristic idea is inching closer to reality with device-to-device wireless power technology made by Fulton Innovation. Fulton Innovation, a subsidiary of Alticor that's been in the wireless power business for more than 10 years, announced and demonstrated its fully functional two-way charging technology Monday night at the Digital Experience CES event in Las Vegas.

He also demonstrated Qualcomm technology like Vuforia, which enables augmented reality, and wireless electric car charging, Jacobs took over the CES pre-show keynote speech from software giant Microsoft, which declared 2012 to be its last show, Microsoft couldn't seem to stay away, though, with Chief Executive Steve Ballmer making a cameo to talk with Jacobs about the companies' partnership for Windows Phone and Windows RT, the version of the operating system that runs on cellphone chips, Ballmer wasn't the only guest who stopped by, The show also featured an archbishop, an actress, a Nascar racer, a director, a Sesame Street character, and a band, All (except Maroon 5, which mainly just sang) fashion hipster llama with glasses iphone case talked up the benefits of Qualcomm's technology for their craft, An electric powered Rolls Royce even made an appearance..

Take the Rolling Dead. It's a basic zombie game in which the zombies attack Sphero, which is rolling around the carpet while you play from your handheld (in this case on an iPad). The iPad's camera tracks the Sphero's position and orientation, letting you control it within a 50-foot range. There's a game called Sharky the Beaver, shown in the photo above, where the Shark also goes after Sphero. All told, there are now more than 20 iOS and Android games that work with this robotic ball, most of which were built by independent developers who competed in hackathons Orbotix held across the country over the last year. "Developers just keep coming up with new games," says Adam Wilson, a co-founder and chief software architect. And to hear Wilson talk, Sperho is just getting started: "Our end game is not about the ball," he said. "Our end game is about controlling all the stuff around us with our phones.".

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