excuse me for being so intellectual iphone case

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excuse me for being so intellectual iphone case

excuse me for being so intellectual iphone case

Apple site TidBits has also written about the perceived drop in battery life, suggesting that an increased drop in charge could be down to the device checking more often for Wi-Fi networks. That could make sense, as the iOS 6.0.2 update, released earlier this week, was designed to quash a Wi-Fi bug. One commenter on Apple's forums writes, "Turned off my Wi-Fi this morning and up to now five hours later no battery drain". Unusually Apple only pushed the update out to the iPad mini and iPhone 5, so if you've got any other type of iOS gadget, it seems there's little reason to worry.

It's tough to know how widespread the reported battery issue is, as the update is recent and only present on a couple of Apple gadgets, To help us get a sense of whether the issue excuse me for being so intellectual iphone case is affecting lots of iPhone 5 owners or not, let us know in the comments or on our Facebook wall if you've installed iOS 6.0.2, and whether you think your phone is losing charge faster than before, Most reports and comments single out the iPhone 5 rather than the iPad mini, but if you think Apple's tiny tablet is losing charge faster than it should be, then once more head toward the comments or our Facebook wall..

The BlackBerry maker's shares fell more than 14 percent today, a day after reporting fiscal third-quarter results that investors considered better than expected. The stock recently fell $2 to $12.08. If you look beyond the basic revenue and profit, RIM's performance in the quarter gave reason for Wall Street to be concerned. Ultimately, these results matter little; what will determine the company's fate will be the success or failure of its BlackBerry 10 operating system and its first run of BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

But here are some reasons why the stock is excuse me for being so intellectual iphone case performing so poorly today, Subscriber lossRIM has long boasted of its loyal customer base, but the last quarter showed the limits of that loyalty, For the first time, RIM saw its subscriber base shrink, falling 1 million to 79 million, That number may seem small relative to the overall base, but it's a crucial indication that the growth it is seeing overseas may no longer be enough to offset losses in its more mature markets, That also suggests the loss of customers in its home markets is happening faster than expected -- analysts had projected RIM to actually add customers in the period..

"We see continued pressure on volumes and BB10 acceptance is uncertain," said Ittai Kidron, an analyst at Oppenheimer & Co. Services revenue in questionRIM has long been able to charge lofty fees for its secure BlackBerry business services, but that may change with BlackBerry 10. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, speaking on a conference call last night, sounded unsure about the company's ability to protect those fees. The company has already warned that those fees will likely be cut in order to retain and grow its customer base amid the transition to BlackBerry 10. But the bigger question is whether RIM will still be able to command such high fees once BlackBerry 10 is established.

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