ew people funny quote iphone case

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ew people funny quote iphone case

ew people funny quote iphone case

Apple iPhone 5It may look like an iPhone 4S that's had a run-in with a rolling pin, but Apple's sixth smart phone impresses with a gorgeous display, eerily thin frame and a lethal app selection. Shame about the maps app though, eh?. Nokia Lumia 920Carrying the torch for Windows Phone 8, there's no doubt Nokia's crafted a gorgeous slice of hardware in the Lumia 920. A screen we called "stunning" and treats like wireless charging make this our favourite Windows Phone device. Samsung Galaxy S3The much-anticipated follow-up to the Galaxy S2, the S3 proved to be everything we'd hoped for and more. A quad-core chip, a brilliant camera and more app treats than you could waggle a stick at are just some of the reasons to prefer this majestic effort. (Its 4G version was pretty tasty too.).

HTC One SHTC hasn't had a brilliant year, producing only a few mobiles worthy of consideration, The One S is the best of the bunch, however, and won itself four and a half stars in our review, Understatement is the name of the game here -- neither too ew people funny quote iphone case big nor too small with a fast processor and just the right amount of HTC's own software, we preferred this modest little number to the battery-sucking One X, You voted in your hundreds, but in the end there was only one smart phone that truly captured the hearts and minds of the gadget-guzzling masses..

Stealing a phenomenal 45 per cent of the popular vote, our results show that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has garnered not just critical acclaim, but the adoration of the people. The wait was long, but it was oh so worth it, and we're proud to crown the Galaxy S3 phone of the year, as voted by our fans. Hardly anyone has been able to buy this phone and it still outpaced the iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2 with 20 per cent of the vote. That's proof it's captured the hearts of the public, offering a glimpse into a shining new world where smart phones don't cost £500, but can be had for less than half that amount. Sort out your shopping system Google, and next year you could be pinching Samsung's crown.

Here are the rest of the nominees in the order in which they placed, though no single mobile here managed to get above 15 per cent of the vote, Bad luck Apple and HTC, better luck next year, Is there a quality mobile we missed off the list? Or does the Galaxy ew people funny quote iphone case S3 deserve the top spot? Have another say in the comments, or on our Facebook wall, We list the year's top mobiles, as elected by you -- the voting masses, We recently asked our loyal podcast listeners and Facebook fans to vote for their favourite phone of the year. We were looking for a smart phone that had snarled, snapped, hunted and mated its way to pack domination -- a true alpha leader among gadgets..

As with its tablet counterpart, the iPhone version of RockMelt is more focused on helping you find new and interesting stories. But the process by which you do that is shaped by which device you're using, and iPhone is most often used with thumbs in landscape or portrait mode. RockMelt for iPhone is quite intuitive, and its major functions can all be performed with your opposable digit. Tap on a story to read it, swipe to the left to close it, and swipe to the right to save it for later. Tap the RockMelt "R" logo to return to your home stream.

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