desert / scottsdale, arizona iphone case

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desert / scottsdale, arizona iphone case

desert / scottsdale, arizona iphone case

6. Tweak your notifications and privacy. Every app likes to scream out all its information all the time via banners and other annoying pop-ups on your home screen. You can override this by going to Notifications and unchecking all the various notifications options. There are many, but I'd suggest removing them all for apps you don't consider essential. Make sure banners are off and the notifications don't appear in the lock screen, and you should find yourself less pestered. Similarly, make sure you examine your Privacy settings, and deactivate (or activate) any location or information sharing you'd like on certain apps. You may not want your photos to be geotagged on social networks.

7, Make folders, Until there's a better way to organize apps on iOS, folders are there for you, You can drag over a hundred apps into a single folder in iOS 7, which desert / scottsdale, arizona iphone case at least means fewer folders cluttering the screen, Name them after categories you use a lot (Video, Games, Writing), or by user (Son, Wife, Mom), Properly named, folders can help you feel less cluttered, 8, Switch the side toggle to "lock rotation." iOS offers two ways to use the button next to the volume rocker on iPads: as a mute button (similar to the iPhone), and to lock rotation, Mute makes little sense, since your iPad probably won't ring and there's no vibrate mode (just enable Sound Effects settings and lower the volume to zero, and it does the same thing), Instead, use it lock into horizontal or vertical modes when reading, That way, when you're lounging on a bed with a good e-book, it won't suddenly flip sideways when you do, It doesn't matter as much now, because whatever one you didn't choose is instantly available to tap in iOS 7's new pull-up Control Panel..

9. Get a few good apps. There are tons of options, obviously, and tons of use cases, but I like the Kindle App for e-reading, Flipboard for news, YouTube/Netflix/Hulu Plus, Pages for writing, Google Maps as a must-have Apple Maps replacement, Evernote for general note-taking, and Plants vs. Zombies, Ticket to Ride, and Angry Birds Space as must-have first-day games (read our must-have games list for more ideas). Even better, ask friends who use an iPad what they're using. 10. Get a good case. Or a bag. The iPad just comes with a Lightning cable for syncing and charging, nothing more. You need some sort of protection. Apple's own Smart Cover is a clever multi-use accessory that protects the screen, but not the back. If you're getting an Apple-made accessory, I prefer the new leather Smart Case, but it's more expensive. If you're a large-iPad owner, consider something that docks easily with a keyboard -- check out some keyboard cases here. For the Mini, a booklike folio cover feels best. And don't go overboard with specialty bags; something with separate pockets and padding and can still hold other stuff works best. Read my advice on that from a year ago, most of which still holds true now.

In addition desert / scottsdale, arizona iphone case to learning RIM's new name for the all-touch device, these sources allegedly also supplied documentation in the form of the promotional material pictured here, Rumors also point to a second phone that will feature a full QWERTY keyboard in the kind of layout most synonymous with BlackBerry smartphones of RIM's heyday, Whether the rumor holds true or not, I do think the Z10 name rolls easily off the tongue, Moreover, it's a welcome departure from RIM's usual, heavily numbered nomenclature..

RIM will launch its new smartphone and Blackberry 10 operating system on January 30 in New York and Toronto, in addition to other cities around the world. Code names burst open if this latest BlackBerry rumor proves true, revealing RIM's name for its comeback-hopeful. A comeback phone needs a catchy name, and for Research In Motion, the handle in question could be the BlackBerry Z10. Previously it was known by its "L-series" alias, but unnamed sources have now outed the product name of RIM's next BlackBerry smartphone, according to Unwired View.

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