corpsica 6 iphone case

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corpsica 6 iphone case

corpsica 6 iphone case

For its Vibes line, which comes in multiple colors, iSkin touts its Microban antimicrobial protection, which "helps prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause stains and odors." I'm not sure I've ever had a smartphone case with a B.O. problem, but hey, it makes for good marketing.This one's a bit overpriced, but it is slicker than your average TPU case. Price: $30See pricing for the iSkin Vibes from The MiniSuit Versatile Case Cover + Stand + Book Folio Wallet is a faux-leather wallet-style case that offers excellent protection and has slots for credit cards inside the front cover. I didn't try this model but I did try Spigen SGP's nearly identical Illuzion, which retails for about $20 more. The only small issue I had with the case is that you really can't stick too much stuff inside the slots before it gets hard to close the cover. So, it's really just designed to hold a credit card or two, a driver's license, and some maybe some carefully folded $20 bills. Price: Around $10See pricing for the MiniSuit Versatile Case Cover + Stand + Book Folio Wallet from

The Commuter Series isn't OtterBox's most rugged case, but it is considered tough and it isn't as bulky as the Defender Series, It's also more affordable, Available in multiple colors.Price: Around $16See pricing for the OtterBox Commuter case from, OtterBox brings its flagship Defender Series premium tough case to the Galaxy S3, available in multiple colors, You only get a corpsica 6 iphone case slight discount off the list price when you purchase it online, Price: Around $35See pricing for the OtterBox Defender Series from

If you're looking for a tough case for your GS3, the Rugged Dual-Layer Impact-Absorbing Case, which features a built-in kickstand, is one of the better deals out there at around $12 shipped.Price: Around $12See pricing for the Rugged Dual-Layer Impact-Absorbing Case from This is Samsung's official flip-cover case for the S3. It's a nice, thin case that offers good protection. Its only fault is that, at over $30, it's pricey for what it is. Available in multiple colors.Price: Around $35See pricing for the Samsung Flip Cover from

Sena makes a few different cases for the Galazy S3, including the Classic Flip (pictured) corpsica 6 iphone case and the Magia Wallet, both of which are availabe in a few different color options, While the company's cases are made of high-quality leather, their only drawback is that they're expensive, Price: $55See more info on the Sena Classic Flip case, Speck makes a few different GS3 cases, including the Pixel Skin HD (pictured top right) and the popular CandyShell case, which you can see protecting plenty of iPhones, The CandyShell (pictured at bottom) comes in multiple colors and fits very snugly onto your phone, The inside is made of soft rubber, whereas the outer shell has a smooth plastic sheen that gives it a striking look.While the list prices can be high on Speck's cases, you can usually find them for significantly less on Amazon, For instance, the CandyShell lists for $35, but can be had for closer to $20, depending on your color choice, Price: Around $25See pricing for Speck CandyShell from

Spigen SGP makes several nice but somewhat pricey cases for the Galaxy S3. The first I'm highlighting the Argos, which is one of the slickest flip-cover style cases available for the GS3. It's available in multiple colors, including white and vintage brown, and is made of leather. Price: $39.99See pricing for the Spigen SGP Argos from Spigen SGP's Ultra Flip is one of nicest cases out there with a horizontal flip cover. That cover is made out of leather and the slim plastic case has a leather back glued to it (hopefully, the glue holds up over time). It's fairly pricey but it's a very slick case and comes in a few different color options. Price: $34.99See pricing for the Spigen SGP Ultra Flip from

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