classic retro stripes iphone case

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classic retro stripes iphone case

classic retro stripes iphone case

Subscriber numbers fell from 80 million to 79 million in the three months leading up to 1 December, the BBC reports. That's not a major drop, but it's significant nonetheless, as until now BlackBerry-maker RIM had been able to keep subscriber numbers climbing a little each year. It's reckoned to have kept numbers up despite financial woes by flogging its cheap-but-useful smart phones abroad, but either those countries that once snapped up BlackBerry phones are now bored, or the drop in subscribers in the US and Canada is now so significant that it's dragging numbers down worldwide.

A theory posited by RIM is that shoppers are holding off on buying BlackBerry phones because RIM is mere weeks away from releasing BlackBerry 10, its upcoming operating system that will arrive alongside brand-new smart phones like the extensively leaked BlackBerry London, I'd wager that's not the cause however, as BlackBerry mobiles are more popular with young folk and customers who perhaps wouldn't be as likely as, say, Apple classic retro stripes iphone case fans to keep on top of upcoming tech trends, The subscriber drop comes amid worrying financial news for RIM, The manufacturer mustered a profit of $9m (roughly £5.5m) in its third financial quarter, compared with $265m (about £163m) in the same period last year, Revenue for the quarter fell by 47 per cent compared with 2011..

It's no secret that Android and Apple have nicked RIM's smart phone crown, but will the ailing firm be able to rescue the situation with BlackBerry 10 when it launches on 30 January? We've got a grim suspicion the answer is no, but stick your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook wall. The number of people using the once-popular mobiles has fallen by 1 million. The number of BlackBerry subscribers has fallen for the first time in history, suggesting that the once-popular platform may now be on the wane.

Perhaps the best thing about Press is its interface, The open layout and six different font choices make it a pleasure to look at, And just like Google Reader it's really easy to navigate, classic retro stripes iphone case Once you sync Press to your Google Reader account, the app opens up to a list of all your folders with the number of unread items in each, On tablets, this list appears on the left side of a two-panel layout, while on phones it takes up its own screen, Go into a folder, and you'll see all of the news sources contained within, Go one step deeper, and you'll be able to swipe between individual articles, If you've used any other RSS reader app before, then Press should be just as easy if not easier to use..

While it certainly looks nice, Press did disappoint me with some performance issues. On more than one occasion, I saw the app crash as I tried to pull up articles from different news sources. Also, I was disappointed to see that there's no quick way to jump through articles and mark them as Read, which might be a deal-breaker for me. After playing around with Press for a while, I can say that, at this point, I still prefer Feedly as my RSS reader of choice. Some may find Feedly too complicated, but I find its visual design even slicker than Press', and it offers a few gesture controls that are just too useful to abandon. Plus, I don't have any issues with it crashing on me.

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