cat in flower garden iphone case

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cat in flower garden iphone case

cat in flower garden iphone case

The restriction on iOS is that third-party browsers must use an Apple-supplied version of the WebKit browser engine that's more secure but slower than the version Safari uses. Windows Phone and Windows RT have related restrictions. On personal computers, it's completely ordinary to switch to other browsers depending on security, performance, features. In the mobile world, that's not the case. But the alternative browsers -- especially when companies like Google put marketing muscle and brand equity behind them -- could convince people that maybe they should venture farther afield. With Android spreading into more hands than iOS, it's possible the openness of the PC industry could.

Oh, one more thing -- don't be surprised to see a Mozilla browser on iOS, too, Firefox OS makes a peepMozilla announced some early progress with Firefox OS in 2012 -- though it failed to deliver it during the year as it had planned, Expect the browser-based operating system, which runs Web apps and is geared for budget smartphones, in early 2013, Firefox is barred from iOS and Windows RT, and it is a rarity on Android, Without a presence in the mobile market, Mozilla can't use its browser as leverage to pursue its goal of an open Internet, Firefox OS, cat in flower garden iphone case geared for smartphones and running browser-based apps, is Mozilla's answer, With it, Mozilla hopes to break the ecosystem lock that is settling people into the phone-OS-app store-cloud service silos from Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon..

The first big Firefox OS partner is Telefonica, which plans to offer phones in Latin America with the operating system as a cheaper smartphones alternative. "Mozilla's prediction is that in 2013, the Web will emerge as a viable mobile platform and a third, alternative option to closed, proprietary walled gardens," said Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's vice president of products. Firefox and Firefox OS obviously are key parts of Mozilla's effort to make that happen. Firefox OS won't be an easy sell since inexpensive Android phones are common and iPhones continue to spread. But carriers can't be happy ceding power to Google and Apple. And Mozilla doesn't need to have 40 percent market share to claim victory: as long as its foothold is big enough to keep Web programmers from coding mobile sites only for the big boys.

Web standards divisiveness persistsThose hoping the end of a rift in Web standards governance most likely will have to keep on waiting, The World Wide Web Consortium long has played a central role in revising the standards out of which the Web is built, but a decade ago it chose to push a standard called XHTML that wasn't compatible with HTML, The browser makers, cat in flower garden iphone case it turned out, had veto power, and largely ignored XHTML in favor of advancing HTML on their own through a group called WHATWG, This split persists -- and it's not going away..

Consensus (also known as "design by committee") is a terrible way to design a language or platform. Committee design dilutes responsibility and blame (everyone just starts saying things like "yeah, I didn't like it, but we had to do that to get consensus") while letting everyone take credit for everything (since their ok is necessary to get consensus), which makes it an attractive proposition for people who want to further their careers without really doing any work.. You end up with a technology that doesn't know what it is and doesn't do anything well.

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