brilliance case for apple iphone 8 plus - rose gold

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brilliance case for apple iphone 8 plus - rose gold

brilliance case for apple iphone 8 plus - rose gold brilliance case for apple iphone 8 plus - rose gold brilliance case for apple iphone 8 plus - rose gold

brilliance case for apple iphone 8 plus - rose gold

By the way, none of this involves ever connecting to a PC or Mac to sync. In fact, I'm going to encourage you to live as sync-free as possible to save a little sanity and have a little more fun. (Editor's note: updated in light of this year's iPads, new apps, and new iOS 7 features.). 1. Restore your old backup if you have one, and get to know iCloud. If this is your first iPad, you have nothing to restore. But, if you have an iPad already and are upgrading, you can get your basic settings and saved data on your new iPad by restoring from a backup on iTunes, or wirelessly via iCloud if you've already set that up. The initial set-up screens you see when you start your iPad for the first time ask if you're restoring from a backup. Be prepared to pick the right answer, but don't worry if you accidentally forget to do it properly: you can always erase all content in settings and begin the initial set-up process again later on.

If this is your first iPad but you already have an iPhone or a Mac, iCloud will help ease the pain a bit, Apple's brilliance case for apple iphone 8 plus - rose gold connected cloud services, known as iCloud, have gotten a fair amount of criticism because they're often finicky and don't offer a lot of deep user control, but iCloud's still a pretty essential set of services, You use your existing Apple ID for syncing contacts, cloud-stored documents, mail, calendars, Safari bookmarks, photos in Photo Stream, and notes taken on the built-in Notes app, You'll also receive FaceTime calls and iMessages via that same Apple ID, but you set up both (and deactivate both) via separate app settings, And, of course, your Apple ID connects your already-purchased iTunes and App Store content, But, you can use a different Apple ID if you're sharing, say, a family member's iTunes account: just enter that different ID into iTunes or the App Store, and you can still keep a separate iCloud ID for everything else..

And I always keep "Find my iPad" turned on. That's the way you insure you can find your device if you lose it in your apartment or elsewhere. Download Apple's "Find my iPhone" app and you can ping any of your devices, remotely wipe them, or send an alert sound. Of course, your iPad needs to be on an available network. This has helped me on many, many occasions. 2. Get your free iWork and iLife apps. iPhone, iPod and iPad buyers now get a suite of Apple productivity and media-creation apps for free that used to collectively cost a fair amount of money. Definitely download these -- in fact, when you're setting up your iPad for the first time, you're prompted to begin downloading all the free Apple-created software. All the apps are universal, so if you got them already by buying a new iPhone, you'll be able to redownload the iPad versions for free via your Already Purchased apps on the App Store if you bought a used iPad. Pages, Numbers and Keynote are very good word processing, spreadsheet and presentation-creation apps, and they even sync via iCloud and to Macs that own these apps in OSX Mavericks. There's no reason not to use them. iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand are similarly good photo editing, video editing and music creation tools. Other apps match the features of iPhoto, but few solutions out there can beat iMovie or GarageBand. All of these have been graphically redesigned for iOS 7.

3, Find your other free(ish) stuff, I bet you have plenty of grandfathered-in "free" content that's ready to go on your iPad -- free because you already paid for it elsewhere, First, go to your iTunes or App Store apps and browse under "purchased" (it's usually hidden away under the "More" tab, or it's under "Updates" in the App Store), It's an ugly way to browse what you've already bought, but make sure you stock up on any iPhone apps you already own that are universal for iPad, and in iTunes download music, movies, and books you brilliance case for apple iphone 8 plus - rose gold already have..

4. Pick your cloud to live in. Apple has a variety of iCloud services, including iTunes Match for storing and streaming all your music on the go, but that's not the only way you can set up your iPad. Thanks to Google's excellent apps, you could live off Gmail, Google Docs, and lots of other Google services instead -- Chrome, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Play Music (available as an iPhone app, but it plays on the iPad) make this easy. Or, you could store and stream your music and videos via Amazon Cloud Player and Amazon Instant Video. Either way, I'd seriously recommend you rely on cloud storage as much as possible, because syncing videos, music, and other files via your computer is a pain.

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