bling my thing reverie iphone x case - alabaster reviews

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bling my thing reverie iphone x case - alabaster reviews

bling my thing reverie iphone x case - alabaster reviews

This process is known as rooting your phone. Please bear in mind doing so will void your warranty, which means HTC will effectively tell you to go away if you send back a broken rooted phone. It could also brick your device, turning £400-odd of smart phone into an expensive paperweight. CNET takes no responsibility for anything that happens hereon out, so do so at your own risk. Although not usually a process supported -- or even acknowledged -- by most smart phone makers, HTC has decided to create an unofficial bootloader, which means the process of rooting your One X is a fair bit easier than it would be otherwise. Hooray! This same process will work for the HTC One XL and X+, but with the important caveat that you'll need to find a different set of files (see step 3). Without further ado, let's get on with rooting your smart phone.

Just in case something goes wrong -- and it can -- back up any photos, music, documents or other stuff you would like to keep, Apps and games can be redownloaded, so that is less of an issue, but you may lose your saves and settings, While you're there, back up your contacts to your SIM card, Here's where HTC helps you out, Head on over to its website with this link, select 'All Other Supported Models' from the drop-down 'select your device' list, At this time, the One X does not have its own entry for some reason, Follow the instructions there -- you'll need to be bling my thing reverie iphone x case - alabaster reviews registered with HTC Dev..

Using the USB cable you got with your phone, plug your HTC One X into your computer. Yes, that's all you need to do in this step. To allow the files to do their job, you need to enable USB debugging. Grab your One X and go into Settings. Select Developer Options and then USB debugging. Make sure this setting is checked -- if not, check it. Now bring down the notifications bar from the top of the display, click on USB connection type and select Charge Only. Not far to go now. Locate the file you extracted earlier and then pick one of the following options, depending on which operating system you are using on your computer. Windows users, you want root.bat; for Linux,; for Mac, Double-click the file and now, assuming all has gone okay so far, the relevant script will do its job.

During this time, your HTC One X should reboot a few times, This is normal, so don't panic -- just let the phone do what it has to until the script is installed, granting you root access and the custom ROM options this opens, Now for your reward, Check out our roundup of five of the best custom ROMs for the HTC One X and make yourself a well-earned cup of tea, Alternatively, if something went wrong, pop by the XDA forums or search the Internet to see if your issue is a common one, More often than not, a solution is out there if you look for it, Let me know how you get on down in the bling my thing reverie iphone x case - alabaster reviews comments..

Each of the download links leads to a forum page that includes the files you need and instructions for installation. Let me know which are your favourites -- or any others you recommend -- in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page. CyanogenMod needs no introduction if you've rooted your Android phone before. This unofficial alternative to the standard Android operating system provides improved functionality but not necessarily at the expense of stability. Built on top of Jelly Bean, highlights of the ROM include nightly builds (although we would recommend you stick to monthly builds if you are a newbie to all of this), five menus to change settings, an improved lock screen, the ability to add themes to give your One X a personal look and customisation of sytem settings.

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