black and white glamour fashion lips iphone case

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black and white glamour fashion lips iphone case

black and white glamour fashion lips iphone case

"As soon as he responded, it was pretty crazy," Nirenberg said. "It was extremely surreal. Afterwards, I was pretty giddy. "I used lots of winks and smiley faces so I would seem like a girl."The thief-cum-lothario -- who misspelled beer as 'bear' -- turned up at 7pm clasping a bottle of wine and smelling of cologne. But instead of giving him a night of passion, Nirenberg tapped him on the shoulder and showed him the hammer. The thief handed over the blower and went to scarper. Nirenberg gave him $20 for his trouble though, and even called after him, "You smell great, though."Classy touch.

Thefts of Apple products seem very common in New York, with the mayor recently blaming them for a rise in crime, Now almost everyone carries a smart phone, everyone becomes a target, We can't condone Nirenberg's method of getting your gadget back, but it is heartwarming to see justice being black and white glamour fashion lips iphone case done, Have you ever lost your phone? Did you manage to get it back? Let me know in the comments, or on our old romantic Facebook page, Trombonist Nadav Nirenberg lost his phone only to see someone using it on a dating site, So he set up a date and showed up with a hammer..

A Disney exec previously mentioned the console would be called the Toy Box, and would have "extensive mobile and online applications". Pixar and Disney characters would also be involved, and would interact with each other, according to Disney Interactive co-president John Pleasants. Patently Apple, which spotted Disney's application (and has much better images than the one I managed to grab), speculates that Tim Cook and co could be involved. Apple and Disney have danced before, thanks to Steve Jobs' involvement with Pixar. Both share a similar family-friendly approach, and the App Store has become a major player in the games industry. Though exactly how Apple could be involved is anyone's guess.

That's if we believe Samsung Lebanon, which told a Facebook fan that the S4 "won't be released before May 2013", Meanwhile a purported "insider at Samsung" sent the above snap to SamMobile, claiming it's the follow-up to the Galaxy S3, It does look similar to the S3 design-wise, and seeing as that's shifted a phone or two I can see Samsung sticking with the formula -- with one black and white glamour fashion lips iphone case massive change, Unlike the S3 and the rest of the Galaxy range, there's no home button at the bottom, Could this mean the S4 will be completely touchscreen, with on-screen buttons only? That would certainly distinguish the S4 from its bitterest rival, the iPhone 5..

The bezel also looks thinner than that on the S3, hinting it'll either take up less space in your pocket -- or that's a bigger screen. Standing 4.8-inches across, the S3 wasn't exactly dinky, but rumours peg the S4 at closer to the 5-inch mark. The trend is for bigger phones right now, and I imagine that from Samsung's point of view the smaller it makes the iPhone look, the better. The alleged S4 also looks quite a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Premier, which hasn't reached us Brits yet. There's no word on specs, but word on the street predicts a cutting-edge 2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a Super AMOLED display with 1080p resolution. It'll run Android 4.2.1, according to the rumours. And on the imaging front, we're hoping for a 13-megapixel camera with a 2-megapixel front-facer.

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