ballet shoe bookmark dancer shoe copper bookmark

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ballet shoe bookmark dancer shoe copper bookmark

ballet shoe bookmark dancer shoe copper bookmark ballet shoe bookmark dancer shoe copper bookmark

ballet shoe bookmark dancer shoe copper bookmark

Symphony President Andrew Bales, who coordinates the program, said it exposes the kids to traditional performance arts like symphony and ballet as well as multicultural offerings like taiko and the Los Lupeños folklorico dance group. Not to mention introducing them to venues like the California Theater, the Mexican Heritage Plaza and the San Jose Rep. Besides the symphony, the Santa Clara County Office of Education, the city of San Jose and 1stACT Silicon Valley are the program’s big backers, plus a legion of volunteers who help shepherd the kids where they need to be. Bales said the goal is to get every third- through sixth-grade student in the county to a performance. And that may “spark” the next generation of performers, arts educators and audiences.

Will’s outrageous show also features comedians Johnny Steele, Debi Durst, Michael Bossier, Arthur Gaus and Mari Magaloni, Will’s outrageous political satires never fail to entertain and his wife Debi is a gifted comedian in her own right, I’ve often wondered what dinner conversation must be like at their house! For tickets, ballet shoe bookmark dancer shoe copper bookmark call 925-943-SHOW or go to, Best wishes for a speedy recovery go to longtime actress, usher and author Janice Anderson, The spry 94-year-old suffered a stroke last week, She will be out of the hospital for Christmas but faces a challenging recuperation..

In 1975, Nagai moved to San Mateo, to further her education. After earning her Master of Fine Arts at San Jose State University, she established herself in the Bay Area art scene and exhibited her paintings in local galleries. There is plenty of parking at PMA and admission is free. For more museum information, go to or call 650-692-2101. The festival will include. * Fog Bank Contest already underway for a chance to win $50. Guess how many cotton balls make the fog bank display at First National Bank of Northern California, 1450 Linda Mar Center, from now through Sept. 25. One winner per location.

Then, a gunman entered Borderline and started shooting with a Glock .45-caliber handgun, Bodies fell as the crowd busted through windows, slid behind tables, ran to hide in the attic, The tone in the group chat changed instantly, Eighty miles away in Orange County, Hoolihan wondered whether Orfanos, with whom he had survived one mass shooting, had made it through this one, too, Meek had not texted anything else, Neither had Orfanos, Hoolihan and Orfanos were strangers before the gunfire in Las Vegas, when all around them people were falling and fleeing and bleeding as bullets streamed ballet shoe bookmark dancer shoe copper bookmark toward the crowd through the darkness, a shooter positioned high above in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino across the street, They knew nothing about each other, only that while others were running away, they decided to stay..

Castellano gained considerable fame when she and her husband, Alcario, won a record $141 million state lottery jackpot in 2001. But she gained considerable respect at the San Jose/Evergreen district during a 33-year career there, including a long tenure as an administrative secretary. And members of the Silicon Valley nonprofit community are always quick to point out that Carmen and Al were stalwart supporters and volunteers for arts and education causes long before their amazing windfall. They continue to support various causes — including Cinequest, Teatro Visión, MACLA and San Jose Jazz — through the Castellano Family Foundation, where Carmen Castellano serves as president.

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