around the world iphone case

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around the world iphone case

around the world iphone case

A Snapchat app is also available for Android users. That app was found to save versions of unwatched videos in the media gallery on Android phones. But a fix for that bug was released earlier this month. CNET contacted Snapchat for comment and will update the story if we receive any information. A spokesperson for Facebook told CNET that the company is "still investigating this particular loophole" and sent us the following statement. Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel also told BuzzFeed that it's aware of the problem and plans to fix it. But he added that "the people who most enjoy using Snapchat are those who embrace the spirit and intent of the service. There will always be ways to reverse engineer technology products -- but that spoils the fun!"Of course, until such time as these bugs are fixed, users of either app may want to hold off on "sexting" any compromising videos just in case they wind up in the wrong hands.

Updated 9:15 a.m, PT with statement from Facebook, Videos sent through Snapchat or Facebook's Poke app are supposed to vanish after several seconds -- yet they're still viewable if someone knows where to look, Snapchat and Poke videos shared with other people are supposed to go poof after a few seconds, but their vanishing act isn't working exactly as advertised, Snapchat and Facebook's Poke apps are designed for folks who want to share photos and videos with their socially networked friends -- though only briefly, The appeal of both apps is that the photos and videos vanish after up to 10 seconds, That's supposed to mean you can send someone a potentially embarrassing or "sexty" clip of yourself, firm in the belief that around the world iphone case it won't stick around for long..

RIM and Nokia announced the settlement on December 21, saying that RIM has agreed to make a one-time payment to the Finnish phone maker along with "ongoing payments" for the right to use Nokia's patents. At the time, they did not disclose the value of any of the payments. The new patent license agreement brings an end to all of the patent litigation between the companies and Nokia's dismissal of all pending actions in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany, according to the SEC filing.

Nokia patents that had been cited in lawsuits against RIM touched on a number of technologies including the following, according to the SEC filing: power consumption in a mobile station; a network activation service scheme using point-to-point short messaging service; and a security improvement scheme for packet-mode transmission in a mobile communication system, The one-time lump sum of 50 million euros (approximately $65 million) was recorded in RIM's consolidated statement of operations for the third quarter of its fiscal 2013, RIM announced the results for that quarter on December 20, reporting a around the world iphone case profit of $14 million, or 3 cents a share, thanks largely to a favorable tax settlement, as revenue fell by nearly half to $2.72 billion and as the company shed 1 million BlackBerry customers..

RIM is hoping for a return to former glory in 2013 with the long-anticipated arrival of its BlackBerry 10 operating system in late January. The SEC filing does not disclose the amount of the ongoing license payments from RIM to Nokia. RIM declined to provide additional comment. See also: Nokia on the edge: Inside an icon's fight for survival. The patent peace between the two companies comes at a financial cost to BlackBerry maker Research In Motion. Research In Motion is making an initial payment of $65 million to Nokia as part of the settlement of the patent dispute between the two companies.

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