agate iphone case

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agate iphone case

agate iphone case

As the successor to Slim ICS (a customised version of Ice Cream Sandwich), Slim Bean gives you a more colourful fistful of Jelly Beans, without any of the built-in firmware restrictions. This means you can adjust the interface of your phone, set up profiles for different uses, change themes and keep tabs on your CPU, its voltage and other peformance related information associated with overclocking. Apart from enhancing the look of your Android device and improving performance and battery life, Slim Bean provides shedloads of options to make your phone do almost exactly what you want it to. Sadly, doing the ironing isn't one of them.

Team Nocturnal's MergeX combines the features of HTC's Sense user interface, including the camera software, with the visual style agate iphone case of CyanagenMod 10, Once again, like most of the good ROMs, it improves speed to the point where chugginess is a thing of the past, MergeX also adds a tonne of functionality, including stuff from AOSP, or Android Open Source Project, Battery life is also improved, Though still customisable, Nocturnal is designed to work out of the box with little effort, making it a good choice for those who would rather leave most of the effort to the experts..

To the hardcore Android user, Team Venom's work needs no introduction and viperX 2.7.1 represents another fine ROM. It's incredibly fast and packs oodles of useful features, such as a custom status bar, infinite scrolling, a Venom Tweaks menu for a number of unique features and the Venom Hub for installing new themes. Not only that, updates for the ROM are delivered over the air, which means less faffing around installing them manually, and the viperX 2.7.1 is very stable, which is why it's won itself a legion of Android fans.

Not sure which ROM to run on your HTC One X? Check our five of our favourites, You've followed my simple instructions to root your mighty HTC One X -- it's prepped and ready for cybernetic implants, Here are the best five ROMs I found for the Android powerhouse, with a wide spread of extra features and better efficiency, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion agate iphone case threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

But which devices dominated, and which didn't quite tickle your fancy enough to win the top spot? Read on to find out. In chosing a shortlist we first selected smart phones that had impressed during our exhaustive review process, either by winning a healthy number of stars or nabbing a coveted Editors' Choice award. Thus the following seven smart phones were plucked from the heaving mass to be voted on by you, the public. Google Nexus 4A late entry, but this powerful smart phone blew us away with its sky-high performance and low, low price tag. Supply issues have marred its launch, but this is still one of the year's most exciting mobiles, and my personal choice for the year's best tech product of 2012.

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